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The company

AllKraftz is a brainchild of craft lovers, passionately committed to providing the best Knitting & Crochet supplies to all over the country. It comes from the business house of Vega the leading brand of personal grooming accessories available to discerning consumers in the Indian market and KnitPro known the world over for producing highest quality knitting and crochet supplies.

Our Story

Our crafty journey started more than two decades back with supplies of artist, school and painting brushes for leading brands in international market. One step led to the other and the group entered the Indian market with Vega, now a leading brand for make-up brushes, hair brushes and many other beauty accessories. Not only this, we now manufacture make-up accessories for many leading beauty and personal grooming brands of India.

Already having the know-how of making brushes, we then decided to diversify and enter the fascinating world of hand knitting products – that's how KnitPro came into existence. We soon became the benchmark in terms of excellent craftsmanship and unmatched quality. We also started our sister brand Knitters' Pride for the North American market and have made the 'Made in India' brand popular in more than 65 countries worldwide for our exclusive range of knitting products.

Allkraftz is yet another feather in our cap, which was conceived with the thought of providing best quality knitting & crochet tools to customers in the Indian subcontinent; our aim being to be the one-stop shop for all your crafting requirements.

Our Commitment

We believe in bringing the best, and only the best to our customers. We work relentlessly to ensure that our merchandise meets the highest standards of quality. Not only that, we believe in keeping our development labs busy. We are constantly trying to come up with new products which enhance your crafting experience.

We work with you, for you!

We are passionate about crafts. And we strongly believe that only a crafter knows what is best for them. So we work in consultation with crafters from across the world, persons who are as passionate about their crafts, as you are!! So be ready to join us on this flight of creativity, fun and frolic!! Welcome on board….


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