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1. I am new to knitting. What are the best needles for me?

If you are learning how to knit, we would suggest to buy a pair each of Symfonie and Nova needles and see how you like them. Nova needles are superior quality brass needles which are slick and provide for speed-knitting, whereas Symfonie needles have a certain grip which prevents stitches from accidentally slipping from the needles.

2. I want to learn sock knitting. Which needles would be best?

Socks can be knit on Double Pointed Needles (DPNs) or a long circular needle with the magic looping method. We offer both DPNs and fixed circular needles with long cables in a variety of sizes, depending upon the weight of yarn used. We suggest you look up our tutorial videos on sock knitting, and decide which method suits you best. Then you can choose the best needles for you from our available range.

3. What is the best material to knit lace with?

If you are an experienced knitter looking for speed knitting in lace, we would suggest that you try working with Nova needles, but if you are a beginner lace-knitter, the Symfonie range is ideal for you.

4. Are there any needles for hat knitting in your products?

Yes, we have special interchangeable sets in the Nova range where you can make circular needles of length 16" which is ideal for hat knitting.

5. Which crochet hooks are better for beginners?

We would recommend Waves crochet hooks set for beginners who want to purchase a complete set, otherwise our Aluminum single ended crochet hooks are an excellent option for beginners.

6. What are double ended crochet hooks used for?

Double ended crochet hooks are used to create two colored fabrics using the Tunisian crochet technique. You can make flat as well as circular pieces using double ended crochet hooks.

7. What is an Afghan hook?

Afghan hook, or Tunisian crochet hook, is a special single ended crochet hook which is used for Tunisian crochet technique where patterns are created using a two-row technique which doesn't involve turning of work. Tunisian crochet is also considered to be a combination of knitting and crochet.

8. There are so many types of stitch markers in your products? Which is good for what?

Among our products, we have stitch ring markers (circular), split ring markers (round with split end), locking stitch markers (these resemble a safety pin) and Zooni stitch markers (these are fancy stitch ring markers). While stitch ring markers are used to mark a stitch or spot in knitting, split ring markers and locking markers can be used for the same purpose in crochet as well. Even during knitting, if you forget to place a marker where the pattern asks to, you can place a split ring marker or locking ring marker without having to rip your work to the spot of placing marker.

9. What are row counters used for?

When you are knitting complicated patterns with many row-repeats, it helps immensely to keep a track of which row you had knit before keeping your project down. Here, a row counter is very helpful. You just have to click after finishing each row and it keeps track of your rows. You can also lock your row counter so it is not accidentally pressed.

10. What is better, fixed circular needles or interchangeable circular needles?

If you use only a few sizes in a fixed length, it is better to buy fixed circular needles. Fixed circular needles are also the only option for those looking for circular needles of sizes below 3 mm. For people who want a range of sizes and cable lengths to choose from, an interchangeable circular set is their best bet.

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