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Home  -  Knitting


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Follow Allkraftz's board The Beautiful world of knitting on Pinterest.

Feeling inspired looking at the pictures of these beautiful knitted products on Pinterest? Join the club!

Whether you are an absolute beginner in knitting, are contemplating to learn how to knit, or are an avid knitter with multiple projects on your needles always, this hobby never fails to amaze with the endless possibilities in patterns and projects, and with the great sense of achievement and calm that one gets with creating something with a pair of needles and some yarn.

Gone are the days when knitting used to be considered a grandmother’s time-pass, knitting is nowadays being picked up by busy professionals and teenagers as a preferred hobby. Whereas young knitters feel the pride in creating fashion accessories for themselves in any color they want, full time working professionals turn to knitting needles for stress relief. It is said that the repetitive clicking sounds of needles against one another and the rhythm of stitches sliding over needles calms down the mind, and rids of worries. What can be a better thing to do while watching your favorite TV show, or before going to bed every day…..just pick up your needles and yarn and start creating something beautiful!

If you feel inspired to knit, but don’t know where to start, our beginner knitting videos on Youtube Channel ALLKRAFTZ are just for you. Created with the absolute beginner in mind, our knitting videos take you through the basic steps of casting on and beginning stitches. Knit along with us and you would be creating your own masterpieces in no time.

Our beautiful knitting needles can be a perfect gift for your friends or family members who love to knit, or for someone who has just developed interest in the craft. Choose from a wide range of needle types – straight, double pointed, fixed circular, and interchangeable circular needles. Our knitting needles are available in two materials:

NOVA: These are extremely light and slick needles, are made of hollow brass pipes which are electroplated. These satiny smooth needles allow easy and effortless gliding of stitches, assuring a very satisfying knitting experience.

SYMFONIE: These are our world famous multicolored needles made of densified laminated Birchwood. Experience the ultimate luxury in knitting with these beautiful needles with smooth finish, sharp tips, and vibrant colors. These needles are great for beginners who are learning to keep their stitches in place, at the same time, these needles make a wonderful keepsake for experienced knitters.



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